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Service & Support

Which means, if your PC contacts a virus of any kind, slowness,

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Virus & Malware Issues

Let Us Install "Freeze Ware" on your PC and say. "good bye" to all of your issues.

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Remote IT Services

CTCTI services include, but not limited to: PC computer repair,

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Remote IT Services and Support

For ONLY $ 179.00 we will install "Freeze Ware"
Which means, if your PC contacts a virus of any kind, slowness, popups, web direction or ANY ISSUES-Just reboot (turn PC off and back on again) and your PC problems are gone and your PC is back to NORMAL (only when PC is frozen-not responsible when thawed. Thaw ONLY when NECESSARY)!

This Option/plan is good for 1year-Worried Free!

No need to contact our support team OR any other technical support team for someone to fix your PC issues. You can do this yourself, simply by rebooting your PC! It's that EASY!


                                                                **NO DOWNTIME**
                                               (No downtime-what's that worth to you?)
                                                 Take advantage of our-All for one offer

Whether you call us for 1, 3, or 5 items that are giving you a problem; we will fix them all, remove all issues, and clean your PC from all issues, ALL OF THE FOLLOWING WILL BE PERFORM BY US-REGUARDLESS OF THE INITIAL PROBLEM.

    • Remove all viruses
    • Removal of Spyware Infections
    • Remove annoying pop-up windows
    • Remove website redirections- When you "click on" or "type" a webpage and it goes somewhere else.
    • Registry repair & clean-Let's say this, for those who do not understand this computer language. It's the parts that are attached to your engine and transmission to your car, that are necessary in the functionality of your vehicle.
    • Remove malware & spyware
    • Optimize PC–Improve sluggish performance, internet speed, quicker booting up/ shut downs, etc

                                                         All for one LOW PRICE of $ 99.00
             (one call, one remote, one session for $99.00 – 14 day warranty)

    (Limited Time Only)
    Reg. $129.00
    We do it – ALL


    This High Quality level of work is delivered to you with no company shortcuts in mind.  We continue to take the long, tough, and difficult road, day after day to do it right the first time. In order, to obtain EXCELLENCES-This is what CTCTI must do DAILY!  Thank you so much for your support.


    Enjoy the comfort and Benefits of…

    CTCTI-Monthly Maintenance plan

           One time set-up fee:

      • $249.99 (1-pc)    or "Freeze Ware"  1st  pc   $179.00 each
      • $349.99 (2-pc's) or "Freeze Ware"  2nd pc  $152.00  each
      • $449.99 (3-pc's) or "Freeze Ware"3rd pc& more $143.00 ea 
      • $549.99 (4-pc's)                                    
      • $649.99 (5-pc's)


        Monthly Maintenance Plan fees:

          • $19.99 (1-pc)
          • $29.99 (2-pc's)
          • $39.99 (3-pc's)
          • $49.99 (4-pc's)
          • $59.99 (5-pc's)

      Consist of: 

        A portion of our proceeds are donated to multiple charities local and throughout the world.  If you have a charity that you would like for us to donate to, please let us know and we will do our BEST to make sure we donate to that charity of your choice. CTCTI cannot change the world, however; with your support we can make a difference. Take care and God bless you and your family!

        Disclaimer: Rates are subject to change with inflation. Monthly plan will continue to be in effect for 7 years, or if you, the customer, miss or fall behind two or more payments; then the contract of this Monthly Maintenance Plan is voided and no funds will be returned and NO service will be provided. We (CTCTI) will not fix or assist you the customer in fixing any problem/issue, unless ALL payments are up to date. Furthermore, CTCTI has the right to refuse to assist any customer for any reason under misconduct, especially for disrespect to any employee of CTCTI.  As a result, of this type of behavior (disrespect in any way to an employee of CTCTI) this will also VOID the contract between you, the customer, and CTCTI. Again, NO FUNDS WILL BE RETURNED. THIS IS A NON-REFUNDABLE CONTRACT!